8 Things To Consider Before Choosing Right Security Camera

8 Things To Consider Before Choosing Right Security Camera

There are a huge number of the CCTV camera security system in Delhi engaged in offering security cameras to fulfill their sky-high demand. There is a very limited awareness about the surveillance and security products. People usually unable to differentiate between the various security products available in the market, whereas, there is a thin line that makes every product unique based on their requirements. So, if you have made your mind to make your home or workplace secure, it is high time to find the answer to these questions to get the best security camera for your home.

1. Do you need a fixed camera or a moving camera?

It depends on the location or the area that you need to monitor. Cameras installed in the offices depicts that the employees are under video surveillance, but the focus of the dome cameras installed at the public places is hard to identify due to their round shape and thus works as a panoramic camera. Pan, tilt, zoom or PTZ camera is another sophisticated camera that can be used to keep eyes on its surrounding.  

2. The security camera needs to be installed inside or outside?

Most of the security cameras can be used inside and outside as well, but still, you have to consider their mounting and placement. For example, CCTV camera security systems in the transport industry need to be robust and should have high wear-resistance. The outdoor security cameras need to highly resistant to various weather conditions such as moisture, rain, and dusty wind.

3. The area you want to cover is small or large?

Before you endow your space with the security cameras, keeping the area to be covered might help you in the effective installation of the security products. If the area to be covered with the surveillance cameras is large, then PTZ cameras are the best. You can get the minutiae details of the site by zooming your camera. Some cameras provide a wide angle view of up to 112o and cover a larger area with a single camera making your security investment cost-effective. If you want to keep a small area under surveillance, static cameras can do the job.

There are various types of networks that are used depending upon the area of surveillance. LAN networks are one of the most used, whereas, large areas required WAN network.

4. What should be the extent of the image clarity or detailing?

In the wide store spaces or point of sale, high-cameras are required where you cannot compromise with the quality of the recorded video. Smaller spaces like the office or receptions can be kept under CCTV camera security system, with the help of low-resolution cameras as there is not so much requirement of the image detailing. This way you can get the best of your investment.

5. Is WDR required in your security camera?

WDR or wide dynamic range allows security cameras to see through a wide range of the lighting conditions with the help of the special software. There are innumerable lighting conditions that create shadows in the image or improper lighting conditions. Store entrances with bright light and dim light inside the store make it hard to record a clear footage. WDR balances this difference to ease the recording. If you are not able to identify the face of a burglar due to bright light behind the burglar, WDR helps you in the face detection of the burglar, by balancing the lighting conditions.

6. Whether you want audio in your camera?

Integrating audio in a surveillance camera enables a two-way communication channel to hear and speak from a remote place. It can be easily integrated with a video surveillance system. Finding an intruder in video surveillance system cannot prevent the theft, unless you have an effective audio system through which, you can threaten intruders.

7. Wireless or wired security solution?

Wired security cameras need professional installation and are more expensive. However, they are free from signal interference and cannot be hacked remotely. Whereas, wireless security systems are simple security systems, user-friendly and can be installed by the homeowners. With the help of these security cameras, you can keep eyes on your home and workplaces even when you are not around. The other benefit of wireless cameras is that they cannot be deactivated by cutting the wire. Wireless systems also suffer from single interruption and can be hacked. You can keep these points into consideration.  

8. How to use your security camera to benefit your business?

Security products installed at the workplace help in enhancing the productivity. With the right placement of the security products, you can keep employees under video surveillance to prevent time theft, malingering and property damage in the offices. CCTV camera security system services play a significant role in the security of various sectors like residential, corporate, banking, finance, education, hospitality & health care, real estate, retail, transport and various others. All you need to do a meaningful installation of your security products.

If you consider these points before choosing your security systems in Delhi, you can harvest the maximum benefits of your security products.

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