How Significant Are CCTV Cameras In Securing Retail Shops and Shopping Malls?

How Significant Are CCTV Cameras In Securing Retail Shops and Shopping Malls?

With the entries of the big names in the market, the retail industry is metamorphosed to a great deal. Retail shops and shopping malls have become the cynosure of CCTV camera installation services in Delhi. The arrival of the luxury brands and expensive products, the incidents of the burglary have also increased significantly. To overcome the security challenges in the retail industry, the need for the effective surveillance systems has become inevitable.

Here Are Some Security Vulnerabilities That Exist In Shopping Malls:

1) Theft

Theft is one of the most significant security threats haunting shopping malls. Shopping Malls contain a large number of the precious items, big and small.

2) Vandalism

Shopping malls are the public places and have all sorts of the visitors. More the number of people visit shopping malls, the higher becomes vandalism threats.

3) Disagreement And Quarrel

Disagreements and alterations are very common practices at the shopping malls, especially, when there is a big sale. In such cases, the conflicts between the customers get violent and compromise the security of the other visitors as well.

4) Unauthorized Intrusion

Unauthorized intrusions in the shopping mall may pose a security threat. Shopping malls have many entrances and a large number of people enter the mall premises carrying packages, big and small. Due to the lack of the proper security products, it becomes difficult to keep eyes on all the visitors. This is why, CCTV camera dealers in Delhi are focusing on technical advancement in their security products to facilitate the security of the shopping complexes.

5) Emergency Situations

Fire, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks are some of the emergency situations that may take place in a mall. This kind of the situations can endanger the security of patrons and employees. The situation may get even worse when these situations cause panic.  

6) Lost Children

Losing children a very unfortunate incident that may take place in a shopping mall. Malls are very crowded and it becomes difficult to keep sight of the children. Malls are a number of colorful and amazing things that can easily attract the children, thereby pulling them away from their parent.

Crucial Points In The Shops And Shopping Malls:

There are some crucial points in the retail shops and shopping malls that are the most vulnerable to the security threats.

1) Point Of Sale

Point of sale is where monetary transactions take place. They are at a great risk of the monetary theft or loot, hence, need an effective security system to keep eyes on this crucial point. They may also help in the recovery of lost or stolen money from the counter.

2) Shop Premises

The shop and mall premises have many security challenges like theft, vandalism, eve teasing, and various others. The malls are large public areas highly susceptible to the security threats. To secure shop perimeters, real-time monitoring with security alerts are required.

3) Parking Lot

A major portion of the criminal incidents takes place in the parking lot of the shopping centers. Poor lightings and ill-designed security systems with blind spots due to unprofessional surveillance installation services are some of the main reasons for theft, property damage and violent crimes in the parking lots.

4) Point Of Entrances

Shopping malls have numerous entry and it is really hard to keep eyes on all the visitors entering the mall premises. A vast amount of the goods is carried to the malls making a threat to the security of other visitors.

How To Prevent?

Security is a very serious concern of the shopping malls. Due the presence of the valuable items and transaction of a large amount of the monetary transactions makes it vulnerable to various security threats. Moreover, due to the presence of a large number of the people, they are also on the radar of the terrorists. Hence, installation of the effective surveillance systems in the security malls is very necessary.

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