Why Is It Important To Integrate CCTV Camera System In School & Education Institutes?

Why Is It Important To Integrate CCTV Camera System In School & Education Institutes?

Do you remember? The barbaric murder case of 7 year old boy “Pradyuman”, who was killed in the school premises or the brutal rape and murder of an Indian school girl in Shimla. These types of cases are more often than not, and it is increasing drastically; violating the innocence of children. Isn’t it a big question mark on authorities? Our kids are not safe in school, their security is at stake and it has turned out to be the biggest concern for every parent.

It is the biggest irony to ask “why it is important to install a CCTV camera system  in school?”, as child abuse cases are abundant and this menace must be controlled. Security camera placed in and around the campus would help to combat criminal activities and the offender will think twice before committing any heinous activity, as no one wants to be recorded on camera committing a crime.

Undoubtedly, running a school or any educational institute is the biggest challenge, as ensuring security is the major responsibility. However, surveillance camera system embedded with the latest technology has made it easier to create a safe and secure environment in school and college premises.

So, every school and education institutes must integrate the CCTV surveillance system in the campus, so that criminal cases could be handled adequately. Unarguably, it is a need of an hour is to ensure our children are secure and feel safe all the time.

Here I have listed some of the key benefits of installing security CCTV cameras in schools

1) It Helps To Maintain Discipline

It gets easier for school/college authorities to ensure discipline in the campus. When students, teachers and other school staff get aware of the monitoring system, they start behaving wisely, as they know they are under the pair of monitoring eyes and don’t want to get recorded for any indiscipline.

2) Constant Monitoring Of The Campus

When there is an integrated surveillance system installed in the school campus, every corner in and around is under surveillance and every single activity is being recorded irrespective of odd hours. The CCTV cameras installed in the campus serves as the eyes and ears of school administrators.

3) It Facilitates To Ensure Peace and Order

Undoubtedly, when there are CCTV cameras installed in the premises, it gets easier for security guards in school to keep an eye on each activity and provide 24*7 surveillance. The presence of cameras helps the authorities monitor more efficiently and ensure peace in the campus. Whenever they find anything offensive caught on camera, authorities can take immediate action, thus can prevent any undesired mishaps.

4) Helps To Combat Criminal Activity

When criminals or offenders come to know that the CCTV surveillance system is installed in the campus, they tend to avoid committing crimes.  Even if any criminal activity takes place, you will have all the evidence necessary to prove the involvement of person that is captured by the security camera.

5) Helps In Investigation

Though Schools are meant for education, but these days we often come across many disturbing news related to child abuse, brutal killing of kids, rapes that take place in the school campus. If there will be a strong CCTV system installed in the school, it will facilitate the police to find out the real culprit, as everything is recorded.

So, What is stopping you? If you are a school owner and have not yet integrated CCTV system in the school campus, let me tell you that, Delhi Government, as well as, the central government has made mandatory to install CCTV in the school campus. In case, you need any assistance to choose the best security systems in Delhi, you must contact Surveillance expert.

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