Top 6 CCTV camera brands for home and business

Top 6 CCTV camera brands for home and business

With the rapid growth of crime rate, security has become an essential part of our daily life. People are seeking a reliable method to secure their homes and businesses. CCTV camera is one of the most effective devices that deter crimes and prevent disasters. It plays an important role in providing a safe zone for residential and commercial properties. The use of CCTV cameras is increasing in cities throughout the world. This led to the rapid increase of competitions among the CCTV camera dealers. When buying a CCTV camera you need to do some digging on the brands and type of products. The device should have the potency to meet your requirements.

CCTV camera brands you can look for

There is a variety of surveillance cameras for different uses of different places, including home, retail shop, bank, hospital, public areas, restaurant, tourism, transport, offices, and other commercial purposes. Here are the top-selling CCTV camera brands:

Alba Urmet

It is a leading brand of CCTV cameras and security system industry. Its products are known for reliability, as security solutions for the users.

Products: HD-TVI Cameras & DVRs, High Speed Dome Camera & Controller, Indoor Dome Analog Camera, Bullet Analog Camera, Mega Pixel IP Camera, Vandal Dome Analog Camera.

CP Plus

The company offers a wide range of high-quality surveillance cameras for different purposes. Currently, it is the number 1 CCTV camera brand in India.

Products: Analog HD Camera, Ezykam, ePoE, Network Camera, Wireless Camera.


It is a leading CCTV camera provider in the video surveillance industry. Known for its reliability and stability, the company established more than forty subsidiaries for security system devices all over the world.

Products: HDCVI Camera, Drone, Network Camera, PTZ Camera.


With its technology and innovative approach, the company has established a multi-level R&D system for surveillance purposes throughout the world. It gains popularity by setting a landmark in audio and video technologies.

Products: Network, Analog Camera, Thermal Camera, PTZ Camera, Video Intercom.


It is one of the oldest pioneers in electronic appliances and camera technologies. The company marked its name in high-quality security cameras for different environments and integrated multi-sensor technology.

Products: Multi Sensor Camera, Analog Camera, PTZ Camera, Fixed Dome Camera, 360 Degree Camera, Remote Head Camera, Module Camera, Wearable Body worm Camera.


The company is known for offering cost-effective security system and devices. It provides the most competitive CCTV cameras for home and business purposes.

Products: Face Detection Bullet IP Camera, Face Detection IP Dome Camera, Network IR Water-Proof Dome Camera.

Choose the authorized CCTV camera provider

SurveillanceKart is a leading dealer of top CCTV camera brands in the country. The company offers a wide range of security system and devices at reasonable prices. It has a team of technicians who use the latest technology for installing and repair services at residential, commercial, and public venues. They will examine the environment before installing the CCTV security system. Their services are trusted for effective results. So if you’re planning to install CCTV system on your home or business premises, don’t hesitate to book your service!

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