What To Look For In A Security Camera?

What To Look For In A Security Camera?

There are a huge variety of the security camera systems available in the market. They share some of the common features, that you need to look for while buying a security camera for your home, office or other workplaces.

Resolution (Picture Quality)

The resolution of a security camera refers to the quality of the image that it captures. The higher the resolution, better quality of the picture you can obtain from your security camera. Going for anything less than 720p HD may ruin your investment for security. But, if you manage to get a camera with 1080p, you will be able to get into the minutiae details of an image like facial recognitions, license plate number and anything that can be used as an evidence for a criminal incidence.  

Field Of View

Field of view means how wide a camera can see without making any movement. Panoramic cameras are used widely to monitor the home and business premises, usually large area of the spaces, for their 360o coverage. Many people use PTZ security cameras instead of the wide angle security cameras, but PTZ cameras require central stall monitoring and hence, they are not suitable for the small businesses.  


WDR or wide dynamic range is a feature in the security cameras that help in managing a wide range of the lighting conditions in a picture. It manages the dark and light area of a scene to make it more visible. It also prevents under or overexposed sections to obtain clear and balanced video footages. The better quality of the footages best serves the purpose of a security camera and help to get the maximum of your security cameras.

Motion Detection

Motion detection is a feature in the security devices that detects an unauthorized movement in the restricted areas. When a motion is detected they will notify you notify you automatically about this forceful intrusion. You can receive direct alerts to your device so that you are always aware of what is happening in your home.

Night Vision

Night vision cameras keep eyes on your home and business premises 24×7 to ensure round the clock security. Mots of the criminal incidents take place during the night time, hence the night vision is an essential feature in the CCTV security cameras. Night vision cameras mainly work in three ways – low-light, thermal imaging and infrared illumination.

Audio Capabilities

Integrating audio in a CCTV camera enables a two-way communication channel to hear and speak from a remote place. Finding an intruder in your CCTV camera cannot stop the theft, unless you have an effective audio system through which, you can threaten them.

Wifi Capability

With the wifi connection in your security camera, you can keep eyes  on your home and valuable belonging even you are not around. You can schedule your camera to record at a particular point of time and view remotely from almost eery device. With a wifi system you can get smart alerts on your phone to know what’s happening at your home.


Last but not the least, pricing is one of the most significant factors that needs to be considered while buying a security camera for your home. You can avail a quality security camera at every budget. Choose a camera that serves your security need to the best.

You can also go for the Security Camera Reviews, which help you decide which cameras are the best for you.

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