Tailored Banking Security Solutions

It is a high time to enable a reliable surveillance system in banking and financial institutions in order to prevent them against various vulnerabilities like violence for the staff, vandalism, ATM skimming, suspicious activities, and armed robbery. iVaid provides an integrated solution to ensure the highest level of the security in an attempt to prevent both its living and non-living assets.


Impeccable ATM Surveillance

ATM machines and the areas surrounding them are highly susceptible to the criminal activities. Our CCTV Cameras keep track of all the activities ATMs and helps in reducing the criminal activities to a great extent.

Banking Surveillance

Our extensive range of surveillance products like CCTV, Biometric System, Intruder & Fire alarms caters to the diverse requirements of the banking and finance sector.


We offer a wide array of the security products in order to maintain an effective identification, access and control systems to prevent burglary in the lockers of the banks.

SurveillanceKart Solutions

With our avant-grade CCTV solutions, better preventive measures can be taken when a suspicious activity is identified within the bank or ATM premises. Our smart security solutions for the banks and financial institutions can prevent robberies, helps in the crime investigation, cover check frauds, helps in coordinating from multiple locations, enhance the confidence of the bank customers and allow remote access to the video feeds with the help of the IP surveillance. Our surveillance tools are endowed with the intelligent functionalities such as motion sensing and facial and behavioral recognitions that can be used to identify an abnormal activity around the bank premises.

Why Surveillance is inevitable for Banking and Finance sector?

  • Ensure the safety of the ATM
  • To keep branch under an effective surveillance
  • To overcome the security challenges of the Cash Van
  • To maintain a reliable entry-exit surveillance