The obligation of surveillance in real estate sector is inevitable as vacant properties capture the attention of the undesired criminals, whereas, non-criminal threats like flood, fire, or animal infestation can devalue your property if not observed timely. SurveillanceKart is offering its comprehensive solutions for varied issues that arise in Real Estate sector.



Surveillance monitoring over a construction site helps in many ways like monitoring the ongoing progress of the site, evaluation of the progress, and determining the usage of the resources. It also helps to overcome the security challenges at the construction sites.


Surveillance camera systems installed in parking lots reduce crime and prevent people with carrying out vandalism. It also helps in impeding various unlawful acts like vehicle theft, theft of the valuable belongings placed inside the car, and intentional property damage.


Perimeter surveillance safeguards the residential and commercial areas from undesired intrusion or burglary and keep it safe and secure from theft, violence and other detrimental activities. Perimeter surveillance is an inescapable need of the society.

SurveillanceKart Solutions

We offer round the clock surveillance for a wide array of the security needs of the real estate sector. With our unique real estate security solutions, we made it possible to keep watch on your various real-estate properties. With our super-durable real estate security solutions, you can have an exact idea of what is going on with your property. Whenever an unauthorized intrusion is being made into your property, it can devalue your property and put your investment at risk. Better you prevent it with a prior warning.

The main issues that need monitoring in Hospitality and Real-Estate Sector

  • To monitor the progression of a construction
  • Keep eyes on undesired intrusion in your premises
  • Perimeter surveillance to monitor the activity of the surrounding
  • Watch on the common areas
  • Management of the parking
  • Controlled access