SurveillanceKart Solutions

With our fully featured CCTV installation services, we strive to eliminate the workforce violence in order to create a safe working environment. We have left no stone unturned to reduce the misconduct and malingering at the offices with the help of the IP cameras. Moreover, with the help of the crystal clear picture quality of our DVR, it becomes very easy to detect a crime or suspicious activity and prosecute those who are responsible. Our smart surveillance solutions also help to comply with a regulatory requirements.


Intelligent Transport

Get Surveillance system installed in your vehicle and have safe travelling experience.

Tailored Banking Security Solutions

Reliable and result-oriented surveillance system is essential to have sound security.


Surveillance system plays a crucial to maintain safety in school and universities


Intelligent Security is vital when it comes to Hospitality and Healthcare.


The wide range of integrated surveillance products for Real Estate industries


Surveillance system is the best way to combat Retail shrinkage, which is biggest threat of entire retail industry

Corporate solutions from SurveillanceKart

It is high time to look ahead at the severe threats that can potentially impact the security of your company in order to supersede them, be it the conduct issues, or compliance with the regulatory authority. There are multi-faceted issues that make a company need for a reliable surveillance solution.

It doesn’t only enhances the productivity of your workplace, but also helps you to achieve the ultimate goals of your business as it is very rightly said- When the cat is away.. The mice began to play.

CCTV surveillance can help a company in umpteen ways

  • To avoid the workplace violence
  • To realize the ultimate goals of a business or an organization
  • To prevent any kind of the theft, malingering, or misconduct
  • To ensure that lawful procedures are being followed
  • To analyze and improve the productivity of the company
  • To ensure that processes are going into compliance with the regulatory authority