Fire alarms for fatal fire

A fire alarm system is of the devices working together to detect the sign of fire in its early development and helps in reducing the loss to a great extent. The detection is made through audio and visual appliances when smoke, fire or carbon monoxide is present nearby. There are numerous ways to activate these alarms automatically from smoke detectors, heat detectors or via manual fire alarm activation.

Fire alarms deploy motorized bells, wall mounted sounders or horns to warn the people to take the preventive measures. A loud bell or a siren, sometimes accompanied by the blinking or flashing lights for individuals who have hearing problems, blasts to alert the occupants in the building.


Advantages of the fire alarms

  • The loud alerts from the fire alarms make people aware of the flourishing fire, especially when they are sleeping. The early signal helps people escape from the site before the fire goes out of control.
  • Apart from a single or self-contained unit, a fire alarm can also be connected to a monitoring station, which, when receives the signals from the fire alarm send emergency help for those who are in need.
  • A fire alarm is a cost-effective solution for the smoke and other risks related to the fire. The only thing which is expensive in a fire alarm system is replacing its Lithium battery and that too is negligible when compared to the life it protects.
  • It reduces the loss of the assets, be it living or non-living to a great extent by giving a prior alert. Fire is one of the most destructive hazards that can create a great damage if not controlled on time.
  • Automatically call to the emergency number t minimize the time to call the fire brigade to attend the site.
  • Send the details of the location so that the fire brigade can make headways to the site in the least time.

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