The demand of the security is increasing rapidly in the hospitality and healthcare sector to ensure quality health assistance and public safety. Also, it is important to safeguard a healthful working environment for every working man and woman. Health surveillance is also important for the risk assessment, in order to supersede them.



It is very important to monitor and record the video of those entering and leaving the hospital premises. SurveillanceKart offers a wide range of security solutions for the hospitals to keep track of the person and activities to prevent any kind of the mishap.


Hallways are one of the crucial areas of the hospitals that need to be monitored. All the activities of the employees, visitors, and patients need monitoring by a security staff in order to recognize a suspicious activity and prevent them from happening.


The restricted areas of the hospitals should also have the security cameras installed to ensure that no unauthorized entry takes place and in case if an unauthorized entry is identified, the required action can be taken in less than no time.

SurveillanceKart Solutions

In an attempt to restrict the accessibility to the private areas, we have Ultra HD IP surveillance cameras. To keep an agile watch on the day to day operations, we offer IP surveillance solutions with remote monitoring features. Backed by people counting analytics, our high definition cameras help to keep track of the footfalls. To prevent any kind of tempering or misuses of the documents, we provide IP cameras equipped with the motion detector. We have most sophisticated HD IP surveillance cameras to monitor the behavior staff and visitors.

The main issues that need monitoring in the Hospitality and Healthcare Sector

  • Watch on operations on a daily basis
  • Keep eyes on the behavior of the staff and visitors
  • Keep track on the footfalls
  • Restricting accessibilities to private areas
  • To block the tampering, misuse or the theft of the hospital records for any kind of unethical use