The biometric system as the name itself indicates, refers to the metrics related to the human characteristics. Biometric authentication in the computer science is used for the identification and access control. A biometric system depends on the specific data about unique biological traits in order to work effectively. A biometric system is categorized mainly as physiological and behavioral characteristic.

Biometric system identification plays a crucial role as public and corporate security systems for various applications like consumer electronics, point of sale and various others. Workplaces install a biometric system to ensure the timely attendance of their employees. It plays a significant role in preventing undesired intrusion in the office premises to ignore any kind of chaos. It is more popular in the workplaces as unlike cards and keys, biometric access cannot be stolen.


Benefits of a biometric system

  • UnalteredA biometric system is always same and you don’t need to change at times like a password. Everyone person has unique fingerprints or other biological characteristics.
  • AccurateSurveillanceKart offers biometric system, which has a false acceptance rate of 0.01% as we use the most advanced and accurate algorithms for our surveillance systems.
  • QuickWith our biometric systems, it takes less than no time to analyze every minutiae detail of the fingerprints and complete the verification process.
  • SafeOur biometric systems do not store any fingerprint image, thus the templates cannot be reverse engineered to form a fingerprint image. It can be used to feed the nefarious intentions of someone trying to make an undesired intrusion in your premises.
  • ConvenientIn comparison to the traditional attendance systems, our biometric systems are more systematic and easy to use.
  • Cost- effectiveSurveillanceKart offers a wide array of biometric systems in order to manage the seamless events of a workplace at reasonable prices.

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