With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads, efficient traffic and incident management has become very important nowadays. An effective surveillance plays a vital role to enhance the quality of transportation and prevents life-threatening risks by recognizing suspicious items or activities. SurveillanceKart offers an efficacious traffic control and surveillance, which includes lane control signals, CCTV cameras, automatic incident detectors, variable speed limit signs and variable message signs.



An effective surveillance at the stations has a preventive effect on criminals and also helps in the post-crime incident investigation. It prevents crime and reduces liabilities in case of the passenger injuries. It also creates a safer environment for the passengers.


Trains and buses are highly exposed to the terrorist activities and therefore need 24x7 surveillance security in order to prevent a detrimental activity. It also helps in preventing harassment of the lady passengers traveling on the trains and buses.


Surveillance systems at airports help in fighting terrorism, provide real time surveillance to the various departments and enhance security with the help of advanced video analytics. It helps in dealing the multi-pronged security challenges at the airports.

SurveillanceKart Solutions

We offer a wide spectrum of the precise vehicle detection. Our integrated vehicle tracking system can track vehicles over a long distance for travel time approximation. The system is endowed with the reliable wireless data transmission, on a real time basis. We have a unique surveillance solution for Bus, Train, Taxi and other vehicles. For cities where traffic volume information is necessary to maintain an efficient traffic system, our cutting edge tracking tools can really help.

Main Issues That Need Monitoring In Transport and Traffic

  • General surveillance of the traffic
  • Track live trains and their running status
  • To prevent any kind of misbehavior
  • Live track of the vehicles on the roads
  • Tracking of the bus routes and in-bus cameras of the live monitoring
  • To keep the track of the fuel, speed, ignition, etc.