Best Surveillance Installation Services In Delhi/Ncr

Best Surveillance Installation Services In Delhi/Ncr

The rapid increase in various criminal activities has given rise to the need for effective security systems to keep the home and workplaces under surveillance. There are many brands like CP PLUS, Dahua, Alba Urmet and various others catering diverse and unique security needs with robust security products. But there is a huge dearth of a reliable and cost-effective installation and repair services in the surveillance industry. To bridge this gap between demand and supply, SurveillanceKart offers a premium range of surveillance product installation and repair services to its esteemed clients. Here is the list

CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras

CCTV surveillance system deploys the cameras to watch over your home and office perimeters in order to protect them from various security threats. Security surveillance system integrated with IP cameras helps you to keep an eye on your belongings from any part of the world. The anti-social elements choose to stay away from the place where proper security measures have been taken. CP Plus, Dahua, Vintron, Hikvision, Alba Urmet, Zebronics are some of the leading CCTV brands catering to the diverse and most unique security needs.

Burglar Alarm

Burglar alarms are the devices that keep your home premises secure and alert you when finding something suspicious. The real-time alert not only threats criminal but also makes you watchful to take the instant action. It plays a significant role in diminishing various criminal activities like theft, burglary, property damage and various others. Servico, DSC, Agni, and Hikvision are some of the main burglar alarm brands.  

Biometric System

Biometric systems are mainly used for access control and preventing time theft at the workplaces. Biometric systems deploy a unique biological feature of a person that is hard to steal or duplicate like a key or password. Biometric systems prevent time theft and malingering thereby enhances the productivity at the workplaces. It also limits the access to a building or premises to keep them safe and secure. Real Time, ESSL, BioMax, TimeWatch, Android, Honeywell are some of the most commonly used biometric brands.


Digital video recorder is a device used to capture video in a digital format and saved it to a local or network storage system like USB flash drive, SD memory card or a disk drive. It helps you to see the captured video footage of a CCTV camera whenever you want. CP Plus, Hikvision, Dahua, Honeywell are some of the main brands of digital video recorders.

Video Door Phones

Video door phone systems are the devices used to monitor and control the access of the person at your door, in order to prevent the entry of an unauthorized person. It not only makes your home premises safe, but also reduces your efforts of opening and closing doors with the help of a remote control system. Alba Urmet and Panasonic are some of the main brands offering video door phones.

Public Address System

Public address systems are defined as a set of the electrical system used to reinforce a sound source in order to get heard through a venue or building. The range of products that comes under the public address system are microphones, speakers, power amplifiers, conference systems and various others. The main purpose of a PA system is to address public or make public announcements. CP PLUS, Panasonic, Dahua are some of the main brands indulged in offering public addressable systems. 

Attendance System

An attendance system is used in the offices and other workplaces to keep manage the attendance of the workers or employees. A routine track of the of the employees helps in maintaining their wages and salary paid on the basis of the working hours. It is one of the most effective types of surveillance systems play a vital role in business processes, be it big or small and also boost their revenue. With the help of an accurate attendance system, payroll errors can be reduced to a great extent. Real Time, ESSL, BioMax, TimeWatch, Android, Honeywell are some of the main brands if the attendance system.

Access Control System

Access control systems are a type of surveillance technology used to limit the access of commercial, residential, and industrial premises. It is basically an electronic system used to prevent an unauthorized access to a location by restricting their entries using advanced techniques. There are basically two types of access control system; physical and logical. Alba Urmet and Panasonic are some of the main access control systems widely used for various security purposes.

SurveillanceKart is an eminent surveillance security company engaged in offering cutting-edge surveillance products and services so that patrons have to no further for their diverse security needs. Contact us to get your surveillance products and services in the most genuine rates.

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