How To Maintain Your Outdoor Security Cameras

How To Maintain Your Outdoor Security Cameras

In the wake of frequent crimes, home and business owners might install CCTV cameras on their building premises to protect properties from theft and damage. Everybody knows installing security cameras can deter untoward incidents. When a camera is installed outdoors, they might be concerned about the vulnerable areas of the surrounding that need to be protected. They can monitor their premises using the footage captured by the cameras. But how many of the owners are aware that the camera can be damaged too?

Tips to protect security camera from various threats

In this section, let’s discuss how to prevent your security cameras from being damaged, for they are left exposed outdoor. There are many factors that can cause damage to the CCTV cameras. Here are solutions to such adversities:

Lightning strike

A lightning strike could severely damage your outdoor CCTV cameras and other valuable equipment.


Don’t use a metal pole to mount your camera because a metal structure is a highly conductive material and it can easily be affected by lightning. Use proper grounding system to reduce the risk of an accidental electrocution.


During the bad weather, your camera gets exposed to rain and fleets that can cause damage to the device. As a result, there is a possibility of technical failure in its function.


You can put a rain cover or enclosure to protect outdoor security cameras form rainwater, heat, storm, snow, and other liquid elements. Make sure the cables and connectors are also waterproof with a plastic conduit. You can also Hikvision has a variety of HD outdoor weatherproof IP security cameras.


Outdoor CCTV cameras are vulnerable to armed vandals, burglar, thieves, and miscreants. There are numerous cases of blinding and dismantling of surveillance cameras.


To prevent the outdoor security camera from being damaged, install it out of the reach areas such as high wall and on the rooftop, under the eave, or inside the glass window.

Spiders and bugs

As soon as you left your CCTV camera, bugs like spiders and its kind will start crawling up on it and cover it with cobwebs, droppings, and dead bugs. This will block the camera’s view. If the camera has the motion sensor, it may also trigger false alarm due to the movements of the bugs.


Use pest repellent spray or insecticides to keep bugs away from your outdoor surveillance camera. Apply spider trap on the surroundings of the camera.


Exposing the CCTV in the outdoor atmosphere may catch up the lens with clouds, moisture, and fogs. This will make the device sight-impaired due to condensation.


Clean the lens of your surveillance camera by wiping it with micro-fiber cloth on a regular basis. Such practice will maintain the sheen of the lens.

Consult experts for proper installation of CCTV cameras

If you are planning to install an outdoor CCTV camera, hire the professionals from SurveillanceKart. The well-trained technicians will examine the areas surrounding to sort out the proper location that is safe from calamity and offenders. They use the most compatible technology to install the camera and the NVR/DVR in a proper manner. They guarantee the reliable installation and maintenance services at a reasonable price.

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